Reasons to Control Safety and Health in the Workplace with WSH officer

Workplace with WSH officer

Occupational safety and health is an Area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of individuals engaged in employment or work. All work exposes individuals to risks such as loads that need to be manually treated; dangerous machines; poisonous substances; power; threat of fire; working with display screen equipment or even emotional hazards like stress. It may seem obvious but direction of Health and safety at work is vitally important, not just because it protects workers, but also because productivity increases when employees are happy and healthy. Safety does not come about by accident the majority of accidents happen because they have not been prevented. Occupational safety and health (OSH) management in organizations is essential for moral, legal, and financial reasons.

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It is morally right to protect a Fellow human being from injury. All organizations have a duty of care to make certain that any other person who might be impacted by the firms undertaking remains safe at all times. Families and friends would anticipate their loved ones that go outside to make a living to return home safe. The pain, suffering and despair of people that are hurt or have their health affected, whilst working for their businesses, are not only felt by the individual employees but also by their own families. Most people would not want to be accountable for someone else’s injury or illness. ThisĀ wsh officer in singapore is a clear ethical reason accidents should be avoided. There’s also an effect on the family and friends of a person who has suffered an accident, like the loss of a limb or ill health, where the individual might need extra care and support to continue their life. The media and press coverage of a serious accident can also have an enormous impact on how an organization is perceived in a town, city or area.


There are sound economic reasons for Reducing work-related injuries and ill-health. Besides reducing costs, effective safety and health management promotes business efficiency. Work-related ailments and ill-health result in several days lost at work. Injuries and ill-health disrupt normal operations and is a possible addition to a company’s operating expenses. Ill and injured workers will be absent from work for days or even months. This could impact the productivity of those sections in which they operate. These employees will nevertheless be paid as they recuperate. The stress and strain on the remaining employees may cause more accidents and might de-motivate them, affecting their productivity even further. Additionally, the health care costs incurred by sick and injured workers in hospitals will be borne by the organization. The complete effect has a potential to influence the organization’s earnings and profitability. Increased insurance premiums because of accidents will also boost the organizations costs.