Some must have meals in Hong Kong

Between Chinese and British influences and gastronomic curiosities from its unique history, Hong Kong cuisine never ceases to amaze the palate! A little feedback on some specialties (among many many others) tested during our trip to Hong Kong. Visit this site for buffet catering hong kong.

 The delicious Dim Sum

It must start there because it is still a must! We could devote whole articles to this specialty. Like Spanish tapas, the term dim sum does not refer to a specific dish but a set of specialties, often presented as bites and steamed. From the etymological point of view, the word means “to touch the heart” or “heart with little touch” and, believe me, it will indeed touch the heart of every greedy self-respecting! Click here for canape hong kong.

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Eating a dim sum is called yum cha in Cantonese, which also means … tea. In fact,  dim sum is traditionally savored alongside tea rather than as a main meal.

The pineapple bun and other rolls

You will see these rolls enthroned on small displays in the streets, in front of restaurants in Hong Kong! The classic pineapple bun (bun-pineapple)  but also the  Pork Bun BBQ, the beef bun and other variants … Ideal for a quick breakfast or to calm a little hunger, delicious when they are still hot and come out just from the oven!

Not a fan of pineapple? That’s good, the pineapple bun or Bolo Bao does not contain a gram. In fact, it takes its name from the geometric shape of its crispy crust, composed by a mixture of sugar and egg.

The luscious Siu Mei

Impossible to walk in Hong Kong without having the look (and nose) attracted by these windows where hang geese, ducks, and other roasted lacquered meats! In Hong Kong, do not joke when it comes to grilling meat! It is first spiced with love, lacquered and prepared. It arrives on your plate with crispy skin, usually accompanied by rice.

Personally, my favorite goes to the grilled goose!